The Pragmatic Programmer, from Journeyman to Master

1. The greatest of all weaknesses is the fear of appearing weak.
2. Take responsibility and no lame excuses.
3. Talk to users.
4. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
5. Portfolio Management
a. Invest regularly
b. Diversify
c. Manage risk
d. Buy low, sell high
e. Review and rebalance
6. Learn at least one new language every year.
Read a technical book each quarter.
Read nontechnical books, too.
Take classes.
Participate in local user groups.
Experiment with different environments.
Stay current.
Get wired.
7. Good communication with style and patience.
8. Don’t repeat yourself.
9. Decoupling codes, and do refactoring.
10. Tracer code.
11. The limits of language are the limits of one’s world.
12. Estimate to Avoid Surprises.
13. Use source control.
14. Debug in patience.
15. Finish what you start.
16. Fully understanding of codes.
17. Dig for requirements.
18. Ruthless test.


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