An Observation

I am titled with Software Engineer, but I am very scared that I did very little in engineering things.

I read lots of API for my work, and code the logic to achieve various functions as required.

Simple enough!

I am good at learning to use tools/APIs.

If someone ask me to explain graph theory or tree, I can not give a word.

I did not read much C/C++ language in university. I never fully understand the pointer.

I never read tons of  books in Computer Science in university, I  just studied to finish the home work and exam papers.

Honestly speaking, I never finish reading a complete book on data structures and algorithms.

So no matter how many books I read for now, it is just not enough.

More important, if I am not concentrating on my weakness, I can not improve.

Read to correct ideas, read to overcome weakness.

Practice, practice, and practice.


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