Learning JavaScript from the wide web

Learning JavaScript from the wide web, a summary of my own path.

Getting Started
w3schools JavaScript Tutorials 
MDN JavaScript
MSDN JavaScript
ECMA JavaScript Definition

Books (entry to prof, ebooks available on request )
1. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
2. Professional JavaScript for Web Developers
3. Pro JavaScript Techniques
4. JavaScript: The Good Parts
5. JavaScript Patterns
6.  High Performance JavaScript

JavaScript Libraries
1. Helpers: jQuery /Dojo/YUI/ExtJS/Bootstrap/foundation
2. MVCs: Amber.js /Angular.js/Knockout.js/Backbone.js

Online Articles
1. Guide to Learning JavaScript
2. Google Guide to JavaScript Coding Style
3. JavaScript Concepts
4. Unobtrusive JavaScript
5. JavaScript Design Patterns
7. JavaScript Mixins
8. Minification v Obfuscation
9. Patterns for Large-Scale JavaScript Project
10. JSON

Someone’s blogger to follow
1. Douglas Crockford
2. John Resig
3. Nicholas C. Zakas

JavaScript Quiz Online
1. Learning Advanced JavaScript
2. So you think you know JavaScript (ans)
3. JavaScript Quiz

Practice doesn’t make perfection without a proper methodology.


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