Technical reading list to complete by end of 2014

Below is the technical reading list I target for my year of 2014 to complete:

1. The Java Language Specification SE7

2. Thinking in Java 4th Edition

3. CPE 105 Data Structures and OOP

4. ECMA JavaScript Definition (25 April)

5. Professional JavaScript for web developers (1 Mar)

6. ArcGIS JavaScript API

7. Node.js in Action

8. The Design of Everyday things (25 June)

9. Programming Pearls

10. Design Patterns by Gang of Four (9 Sep lost in reading, too complex as too abstract)

As 2014 enters the last quarter, and I haven’t finish books in point 1, 2, and 9.

However, I am reading more on HTML, JavaScript and CSS, aka. the web stack.

1. CSS3 Anthology from SitePoint

2. JavaScript Definitive Guide 6th Edition

3. AngularJS

4. JavaScript Design Patterns

I will write a serie of summaries after reading by end of this year.


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