Memoizing previously queried data for charts rendering

This is a common scenario: suppose you need to write a function to display bar/pie charts for some data infographics  through remote REST API call.

Like click a button to display a bar chart, but you only need to query once; after first time AJAX call, it is not necessary to call the remote API anymore when user click on the button again or query the same chart again. Say you have  parameters and id to query a static REST data, it is a good practice to allow the function to memoize the previous queried data. How ?

Use function property.

function displayChart(para,id){
   if(display[para+id]){//already queried
     display[para+id] = query(para,id);
function query(para,id){
  $.ajax({})//return the data
function render(data){
  //display the chart according to the data

From an idea to store distinct data on array:
 var store = {
   parking: [],
   cache: {},
   add: function(item) {
      if ( !this.cache[item]) { 
          this.cache[item]= 1;

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