A few thoughts

1. I went to a short and unexpected interview yesterday.

There was a quiz, maybe abstracted from somewhere  in the web of HTML and JavaScript.

What’s the difference between conforming and non-confirming HTML ? I don’t know. 

Why meta charset must within 1024 bytes of a HTML doc ? I never encounter this error before, and so I don’t know.

I think I screwed it up, and I don’t blame myself or anyone else.

Without  memorizing or encountering some practical problems in software development, you could never fully answer those kinds of problems related to W3C “DEFINITION”.

They call it fundamentals. However, you can’t really solve real-work problems just by knowing the definition.

It’s better to fully read through all the W3C definitions.

So Just Read.

2. I am 26.

Working as a contracting staff with a not-so-low salary.  BUT I want to achieve more.

So I got myself enrolled to NUS Master of Computing in Aug. Part-time studying for two years with fees of 13K SGD.

Welcome, Exams!

How to calculate the ROI? Can it be better than my ROI in stocks > 10% annually ?

I should find a girlfriend.

3. Too much work or Too many managers

Wherever I go, there are people who are really busy, and people who look very busy.

Busy people are actually doing the job, and looking-busy guys are managing them.

Can or Can not ? Asked the manager.

4. Chinese A shares BULL

If you have invested 10K, then got doubled in less than a year. Seems really good.


BUT be careful, because all share-prices are doubled.

Pure luck can win at some time, but will lose in the long run.


Chasing the pavements.


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