Web HTTP Streaming Research

Recently, I am searching for technologies about web streaming.

Streaming video/audio needs client side to receive data, and server side to prepare the data.

MDN: An Introduction to Live streaming web audio and video

HTTP Live Streaming

The Basics of HTTP Live Streaming

DASH Adaptive Streaming for HTML 5 Video

Apple Developer for Streaming

Streaming Data format Comparison

Open Leaders: DASH.js

Power geek: Video.js


VLC Player



Online free video editor: Wevideo

Online free MPEG-DASH generator

The free tools are great.

You can also generate MPEG-2 TS format streaming file using VLC player.

It seems that DASH.JS is the only free JS API support HTTP live streaming in the client without any other plugin.

However, it can’t work in IE 11- and iOS.


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