Web map based data visualization

1. Pseudo-Animation Move on road for direction on Google Maps First you select a source-destination, then the app will use Google Maps JS API to get a route, and update the bus marker on the map continuously. It’s not a real animation, but plotting the marker frequently.  direction
2. Animation on Google Maps + Paper.jsThis the combination of Paper.js and Google Maps JS API. It demonstrates the possibility of rendering self-contained canvas on top of Google Maps canvas.paper
3. Leaflet MarkerClusterGood Markercluster plugin for Leaflet, especially for the nice animation.cluster
4. Mapbox Courier Example for Logisticscourier
5. Taxis in NYC Amazing data visualization of a daily life of taxi driver in NYC. The creator described the whole tech in the blog. Some one introduces a brief skill on this. Cursor_and_A_Day_in_the_Life
6. Digital Attack Map
Showing live DDOS attack across the globe, from Google Ideas.
7. Events Visualization

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