Commonly Used CSS Reference

CSS Properties

  1. Color Props: color, opacity
  2. Background: background-color, background-image, background-attachment, background-repeat, background-size
  3. Border: border-bottom, border-bottom(top,left,right)-color, border-radius, border-shadow, border-image, border-style
  4. Basic box model: margin, border, padding, position, display, visibility, width, height, overflow, z-index, vertical-align
  5. Flexible box layout: (display: flex or inline-flex) defines a flex layout of a container. Note: flex layout is for small content, and grid layout is for large dimension.
    1. Props: order, flex-direction, flex-grow, flex-wrap, flex-basis, align-items, align-self, align-content, justify-content
  6. Font and Text: font, font-family, font-weight, color, font-size, @font-face, text-align, letter-spacing, line-height, word-wrap, word-break, text-decoration, text-shadow
  7. Table: border-collapse, border-spacing, empty-cells, table-layout
  8. List and Counters: list-style, counter-increment
  9. Transform: transform, transform-origin, transform-style (2D/3D, rotate)
  10. Transition: transition (animation)
  11. @media query to set different CSS for different  screen  sizes

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