NUS MComp IS5110 Software Project Management

As the title suggests, it is all about managing software project. So it may NOT be for people who do not have pre-requisite background or experience in IT, including Phd research students.

The course work includes:
1. one team presentation which is discussing a selected paper.
2. Personal feedback on others’ presentation of papers in class.
3. Personal stories or feedback on a selected paper.
4. One individual paper summary.
5. Write a team paper on software cost/schedule estimation.
6. A final exam of case study which is writing 3 short essays in software project management topics.

One needs to be outspoken and follow the instructor’s advice when doing the homework.
Of course, the fluency of English may affect the performance.

Team presentation needs a lot of time to cooperate to work out the PPTs and limit the whole flow in 15 minutes. It’s not required to cover the full details of the paper.

Writing up the team paper is very difficult. 10 pages may take many weekends and nights.

The final exam is subjective to the case study, but they are so limited topics in software project management. You can always guess the topics and read more before the exam. It is not as hard as writing the team paper, however you won’t have much free time in the exam to answer your questions.

Suggest to take the course if you have working experience and not a PMP.


4 thoughts on “NUS MComp IS5110 Software Project Management

  1. I took this module. The module focus on the softskill portion of PM eg. How to manage a geographically disperse team…. i felt that these knowledge can be easily googled and obtained…. Not really a useful module if you really wana learn something on PM…

      • Yes. I somehow agreed with your point. Although there were some IS knowledge which you can googled it, you will not understand the theory behind it.

      • Awareness is important but understanding the theory and applying it is another impt aspect.

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