NUS MComp IS5117 Electronic Government

The course teaches a general research area on electronic government. If you are familiar with how the government works in a perspective of IT role, and better if you are working in/for the government sector, I strongly suggest that you need to take this course.

There will be:
1. a small group case study, which is easy to put in framework thinking.
2. a big group assignment, which needs to write clearly.
3. a group paper on any real life electronic government case, which is hard to accomplish excellently.
4. a final exam which requires to write some short essays.

The lecturer is in a fast pace to cover vast topics in electronic government, and again, you need to be active in class discussion.

You can learn how to think in frameworks, and if you read the recommended books, you can discover a whole new world of thinking differently.

Your paper need to be interesting to attract the lecturer’s attention and be clearly formatted. We all like interesting stories, but it’s just hard to be both interesting and academic.

The exam covers some topics of the course using many small cases, and won’t allow you to think much and write much.


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