NUS MComp IS5127 Managing & Using New Media

You will be fooled by the title if you think this will teach you about how Facebook or twitter or whatever most recently web developments.

It is not, it is about how the Web and new media came to now, and talks about the technologies behind in a Wiki format. But you can Google all these topics, why paying 1200 SGD for non-thinking stuff?

The lecturer is very lazy or busy, and won’t reply your emails. He won’t send many emails either.

The teaching contents are not relevant to what you need to write up for the term paper. The term paper is hard to finish, at least 40 pages, but people in a team seldom cooperate.

It only includes a term paper and the presentation. The lecturer is biased in paper topics, if he likes your topic then you are lucky.

There is no final exam. Many people usually don’t join the class at all.


5 thoughts on “NUS MComp IS5127 Managing & Using New Media

  1. Hello, Thanks for your blog and write up on subject you have taken. It is very useful. I just completed first sem of M.Comp (IS) at NUS too. Will it be possible to send me a syllabus details write up (such as lecture topics) and textbook names (reading list) for this IS5127 Managing & Using New Media ?

    I would like to take a look at it during current semester break. Thank you so much

      • Thank you so much for your sharing! As there is little information online, is it possible to share with me the term report requirement as well! Appreciate for your sharing in advance 🙂

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