The Best Month to Bid COE in Singapore

The best month to bid COE in Singapore is Feb, followed by Jan, and Dec. My prediction of the current COE price will reach a year low and then rebound to higher price. There will be a crash soon, maybe in 2 years, no one knows.

I contributed my full weekends to work out these four charts, starting to write Python and R, plus using the powerful yet not popular IBM Bluemix cloud services.

Singapore COE is truly the smartest real money collected by the Government. You can’t believe there was 2-dollar COE, and the highest price had reached more than 10K +.

The correlation between COE price and COE Quota is -0.5532, COE price and COE demand is  -0.5334, both low negative correlation, means that higher quota, much lower price, but higher demand, not lower price as supply is limited.

Values for bids and quota premium are calculated by average as two bids in the same month after 2002. Before 1999, Cat A is Cat 1 + Cat 2, and Cat B is Cat 3 + Cat 4.

After looking these two charts, I can only conclude that people in Singapore are really rich.